The Hip Hop Librarians

The Hip Hop Librarians auf der Round Rock ISD 2010 beim “Texas Library Association Book Cart Drill”-Teamwttebewerb!

Text von Kristen Fournier und Ginger Young:

I like big books and I cannot lie
You other brothers can’t deny
When a girl walks in with a itty bitty waist
And a big book in your face
You check out- that’s what it’s all about
Paying my overdues
I’m looking at the nonfiction
So I can improve my diction.
Oh baby, wanna tell you my preference-
Meet me in reference!
So don’t be such a bummer…
Just give me your call number!
Oh, Dewey decimals
You say you don’t like LC
Well read me, read me
Catalog and discard me.

So, welcome to the school library
I’ve got a big dictionary, Mary.
Don’t want books unless you got good looks.
You can sleep or read a magazine
If books just ain’t your scene.
I just can’t help myself; I like ’em in order-
Sit and read; don’t loiter!
Admin. thinks it’s funny
My budget ain’t got no money.

So ladies…
Do you wanna support libraries?

Scan it…
Scan it…
Scan it…
Scan them barcodes.

Baby got books!


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