[Kurz] Bibliothek 2.0 Initiativen

  • Chapter 1::engl: Discovering Places to Serve Patrons in the Long Tail
    Patrick Griffis, Kristin Costello, Darcy Del Bosque, Cory Lampert, and Eva Stowers,
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Chapter 2::engl: Chat, Commons, and Collaboration: Inadvertently Library 2.0 in Western Australia
    Kathryn Greenhill, Margaret Jones, and Jean McKay, Murdoch University Library

  • Chapter 3: :engl: Yale: Taking the Library to Users in the Online University Environment
    Kalee Sprague and Roy Lechich, Yale University

  • Chapter 4::engl: Delivering Targeted Library Resources into a Blackboard Framework
    Richard Cox, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Chapter 5::engl: Adapting an Open Source, Scholarly Web 2.0 System for Findability in Library Collections
    Bethany Nowviskie, Elizabeth Sadler, and Erik Hatcher, University of Virginia

  • Chapter 6::engl: Push and Pull of the OPAC
    Daniel Forsman, Jönköping University Library, Sweden

  • Chapter 7::engl: UThink: Library Hosted Blogs for a University-Wide Community
    Shane Nakerud, University of Minnesota

  • Chapter 8::engl: Discussing Student Engagement: An Information Literacy Course Blog
    Gregory Bobish, University at Albany, State University of New York

  • Chapter 9::engl: Building Library 2.0 into Information Literacy: A Case Study
    Susan Sharpless Smith, Erik Mitchell, and Caroline Numbers, Wake Forest University

  • Chapter 10::engl: IMplementing IM @ Reference: The GW Experience
    Deborah B. Gaspar and Sarah Palacios Wilhelm, The George Washington University

  • Chapter 11::engl: Taking the Library to Users: Experimenting with Facebook as an Outreach Tool
    Dawn Lawson, New York University

  • Chapter 12::engl: YouTube University: Using XML, Web Services, and Online Video Services to Serve University and Library Video Content
    Jason A. Clark, Montana State University

  • Quelle: Laura Cohen : Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries has been Published:engl: via Library 2.0 – an academic’s perspective


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