[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2006

“The library is a place, where conflicting ideas co-exist, where people can discover undiscovered knowledge and where the powerless can be empowered through access to knowledge. At the same time, the library can be a place that maintains social and cultural order by collecting, distributing and organizing hegemonic knowledge. Controlling knowledge has historically been a way of controlling people. When one understands that the role of the library is double-edged sword, diversity comes to hold a vital place. However, from the dominant culture’s perspective, diversity in libraries is a threat because it challenges normalized knowledge, ideas and practices. […] Library communities need to unlearn racism, sexism, homophobia and relearn what we have learned. No matter how much we try to create a more so called “diverse” library community, without unlearning and exposing our own racist thinking we can never create a truly diverse environment. The library should be place, where we not only facilitate the education of our users, but also of ourselves.

Shin Joung Yeo and James r. Jacobs: “Diversity matters? Rethinking diversity in libraries”. In: Counterpoise 9 (2) Spring, 2006, p. 5-8