Zitat unkommentiert

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2010

Libraries are, for many of us, the public places where we bring our most private selves, our fears and our dreams, so long buried and so studiously unspoken. The librarian checking out a stack of books may be for many of us, the equivalent of the first person we’ve told a secret to. […] Even more than libraries, I love librarians. […] Books are such a private pleasure we who write them sometimes have trouble sharing that pleasure. Book clubs are wonderful and slightly awkward as well. Every one that I visit as a writer I want to join as a participant so we can all be on the same level and say what we honestly think. Then again, if we sit around and talk all day about books, we’ll never get any written or read. […] Librarians have their own jobs to do and seem to respect that even the craziest-seeming people have come to the library with some purpose in mind and deserve that respect and an environment free from cell phones. We must all get on with it, whatever we’ve come to the library to do.

Cammie McGovern über ihren Roman “Neighborhood Watch“, dessen Protagonist die Bibliothekarin Betsy Treading ist.