[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2010

“Traditionally, business incubators have existed completely separate from public libraries. In the age of manufacturing, this made a lot of sense, but in the digital age – the age of information – public libraries are ideally situated to assume the role of business incubator. Why? Smart people congregate at public libraries to learn and share ideas. Public libraries are where questions are formulated and answers are found. Public libraries are set up to promote wondering. Wonder how libraries could develop greater sustainability? […] The most fertile innovation happens when people in a community have a clear idea of each other’s talents and interests. Those talents and interests can often be the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Not all talents within a community are accessible for new businesses, but some of those talents are. And it behooves public library staff to start maintaining an inventory of talents within their community and to initiate discussions of emerging new roles for public libraries. Some of those discussions could take place within the library’s walls. Figuring out how to have those ideas shared in the most productive way possible is the new challenge for public libraries. […] Libraries can be places that statically house ideas or places where ideas are put into action.”

Phil Shapiro


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