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[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2011

Public libraries have lost their capacity to educate by not keeping up with trends…nor has anyone come up with a proper way of measuring their efficiency. One of the ways libraries should be used is as a place of learning for those who struggle with literacy. Local authorities are cutting adult education and ploughing money into crime prevention, but libraries are the perfect place not only to teach people of all ages information literacy. Older people tend to think of the young as necessarily ‘whizzy’ with new technology, but actually they are often not that good at managing information. They don’t know how to filter out good information from bad, differentiating a blog from a well-supported comment. Using existing libraries as community centres or ‘ideas stores’ as they have styled them in London’s Tower Hamlets, is the shape of the future, with lifelong learning, homework and children’s libraries all important parts of their service.”

Ronan O’Beirne (Autor des Buches “From Lending to Learning – The Development and Extension of Public Libraries” aus dem Jahr 2010)


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