Ein Imagevideo der neuen Kanazawa Umimirai Bibliothek in Japan (tonlos, mit japanischen UT)

“Libraries are moving towards a model that encourages readers to stay and linger. Reflecting this general trend, the new Kanazawa Umimirai Library, opened last April in Kanazawa, Japan and designed by Kazumi Kudo + Hiroshi Horiba / Coelacanth K&H Architects, is combined with halls and meeting rooms that promote social exchange between its users. The overall structure of the library resembles an internal three-layered floor covered with a large box. The large external “punching wall” in the cavernous reading room features some 6,000 small openings across its entire surface that allow a soft, uniform light to enter the building. In addition, the burden of seismic force from any earthquakes is born across the entire expanse of this wall. A floor heating system that warms and cools the building has been installed in order to make this large space comfortable to the users, while large natural ventilation openings in the roof ensure a pleasant and comfortable indoor environment during the warmer months.”