[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2003

Being a librarian today means being more than an archivist, more than a researcher, more than an educator – it means being a guardian the embattled values of knowledge, public space and sharing that animate your profession. […] A presence in people’s lives that goes beyond anything offered by the market: great librarians teach children to love reading, they introduce young adults to the thrill of research, and they become de facto social workers for adults who turn to the library when they have lost their jobs. […] Remember that the next time a management consultant tells you that the only way to save your library is to act more like a corporation, or to turn your library into a bargain Barnes and Noble. […] Not only won’t it work, it will hurt you in the future when your users don’t fight for you because they can’t tell the difference between public and private space.The best way to stay public is to be public – truly, defiantly, radically public.” von Naomi Klein (Auszug aus einer Rede einer gemeinsamen Konferenz der American Library Association und Canadian Library Association vom 24. Juni 2003)


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