Cycling for Libraries – Vorträge

  • DOKLAB on Innovation in Storytelling for libraries. Presentation for Cycling for Libraries June 20th 2013 in DOK Delft public library. You can find more information about our projects on our website:

  • Talking about @AppsForGhent at DOK for 120 cycling librarians #cyc4lib

  • Hochstenbach, Patrick: #cyc4bib: What does a library sound like?

    Source code available at:

    This is a small project I did in 2010 to create music from
    library statistics using the Processing language. In this
    demo I transform one day of library circulation data. Every
    requested call number is mapped to a library floor level.
    We use Ghent Univerity Library as a model: it has 20 floors.
    Each floor is a note on the pentatonic scale. When lending
    requests happen in less then 15 minutes, then this will be

    See also: (Java required)

  • Scheltjens, Saskia: Setting up a new Faculty Library of Arts & Philosophy @ UGent

    For the Cycling for Libraries 2013 visit to Ghent, I organised an unconference about the ‘Open Library’. I’ve recycled one of my previous presentations into an introduction about the work that I do.