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Casey, Michael; Stephens, Michael: The Transparent Library, 2014

Michel Stephens bietet über seine Homepage “Tame the Web” kostenfrei das E-Book “The Transparent Library” zum Download an. Er gibt zusammen mit Michael Casey 29 Kolummnen des “Library Journals” im einem E-Books unter dem Titel “Transparent Library” heraus. Erstmals veröffentlicht wurden diese zwischen 2007 und 2009. Eine Liste der zu diesem Thema veröffentlichten Kolummnen gibt es auf der Website von Michael Stephens.


Here’s the description:

The “Transparent Library” gathers 29 columns from Michael Casey and Michael Stephens. Originally published in Library Journal from 2007 – 2009, the column explored concepts related to transparency, management, engaging communities, social media, strategic planning and constant change. The e-book includes supplemental essays and columns, and includes a new conversation “The Transparent Library Revisited.”

We’ve wanted to assemble the “Transparent Library” columns for some time. Including a few extra pieces from my “Office Hours” columns – including a piece called “The Transparent Library School” – and Michael’s post from Tame the Web concerning participatory service, we believe this collected group of essays offers insights, conversation starters, and roadmaps for improving the openness of an information organization. Thank you for downloading. Please share far and wide.

By structuring the transparent library for constant and purposeful change we reduce the negative impact that change has on both the staff and user. Incorporating change into the organization through creative teams and open lines of communication allows the transparent library to add new tools, respond to changing community needs, and move ahead with new initiatives without shaking up the foundation.

Das Buch kann in Form einer PDF Version oder als Kindle-Version (über Dropbox) heruntergeladen werden. DAs Buch wird ohne DRM-Schutz und unter einer CC BY-NC-ND, Version 4.0 angeboten

Stephens, Michael: News: Download “The Transparent Library” e-book here!, Tame the Web

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