[Infografik] Die zehn größten Quellen für Ablenkungen im Büro

Avoid These 10 Distractions to Get Work Done
Infographic created by folks at Weekdone, the better team management tools company.

Ein Erklärvideo zu Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens war einer der beliebtesten englischsprachigen Schriftsteller im 19. Jahrhundert.

Das Amazon-Imperium

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Verstecke vor einer/m BibliothekarIn nie …

… was du nicht weißt.

“And never ever tried to hide how much you don’t know to the librarian. Tell the librarian what you ar trying find out, what your mission is, what you need so.”

Historian and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough discusses his relationship with libraries and librarians throughout his career, including his first visits to the library as a youngster.