[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 1904

I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we’re reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? So that it will make us happy, as you write? Good Lord, we would be happy precisely if we had no books, and the kind of books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves if we had to. But we need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us. That is my belief. Franz Kafka

[Infografik] Facebook-Science: Warum liken, teilen und kommentieren wir eigentlich?

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[Infografik] Die Vorteile des Lesens

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Was wir im 21. Jahrhundert von Bibliotheken erwarten

Die Frage, was wir im 21. Jahrhundert von Bibliotheken erwarten wird im folgenden Video von Pam Sandlian Smith beantwortet.

Ihren Vortrag hielt sie bei der TEDx-Konferenz in MileHigh im Jahr 2013.

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Happy-Fieber in der Los Angeles Public Library

Der folgende “Happy-Song” ist Jose Paiz gewidmet. Es wird noch darauf verwiesen, dass keine historischen Lampen während des Videodrehs beschädigt wurden. 🙂

Tänzer/-innen: Die Mitarbeiter der Los Angeles Public Library
Produziert von Madeline Peña & Mary Abler
Gefilmt von Madeline Peña & Rod Emortal

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – Entstehungsjahr unbekannt


“A library is many things. It’s a place to go, to get in out of the rain. It’s a place to go if you want to sit and think. But particularly it is a place where books live, and where you can get in touch with other people, and other thoughts, through books. If you want to find out about something, the information is in the reference books — the dictionaries, the encyclopedias, the atlases. If you like to be told a story, the library is the place to go. Books hold most of the secrets of the world, most of the thoughts that men and women have had. And when you are reading a book, you and the author are alone together — just the two of you. A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered. Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people — people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.” Neil Gaiman

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – Entstehungsjahr unbekannt

“It isn’t just a library. It is a space ship that will take you to the farthest reaches of the Universe, a time machine that will take you to the far past and the far future, a teacher that knows more than any human being, a friend that will amuse you and console you — and most of all, a gateway, to a better and happier and more useful life.” Victor Hugo

[Infografik] Die Wirkung des Bücherlesens auf das Gehirn

Die folgende Infografik stammt von . Auch die Zeitschrift Gehirn & Geist beschäftigte sich in ihrer Oktoberausgabe 2010 mit diesem Thema.

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