Zebra und Löwe

Ein Jahr vorbei und es wieder Weltkatzentag. Es gibt diesen Tag, um auf Missstände aufmerksam zu machen, unter denen Katzen leben und gehalten werden. Aber auch auf die Gefahr des Aussterbens unserer Großkatzen soll dieser Tag hinweisen.


The Zebra and the Lion from Hal Mayforth on Vimeo.

A short film, part of a Canadian UN campaign called Sport in a Box . Character Design: Hal Mayforth, Animation: Chuck Gammage Animation, Toronto

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Katzen – was sie uns kosten


Katze from Jörg Reddemann on Vimeo.

"Was uns Katzen kosten"
Autor: Christoph Goldbeck
Animation: Jörg Reddemann

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Puppy Cat Song

Puppy Cat Song from Buscarons on Vimeo.

This is a videoclip we did for Sung Jin-Hwan's song 강아지 고양이 노래 (Puppy Cat Song)
It describes the longtime friendship these cat and dog have while playing in the forest.
It's such a sweet lullaby that we didn't hesitate for a moment to make it a video… and we're very proud to finally show it!
Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!!

Producer: Minyoung Kim
Storyboards, direction and animation: Juan Buscarons
Illustrations: Margarita Cubino
Additional animation: Javier Vaquero

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Walter from Maddy Davis on Vimeo.

Grumpy old man Walter spends his days in his workshop creating inventions and contraptions all while being pestered by his curious cat, Gadget. Throughout this quirky animation, Walter is set on accomplishing the impossible; time travel.

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