Was benötigen Führungskräfte einer Library 2.0?

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Skills for Library 2.0 Leaders:engl:

I think that the ability to present trainings,
build teams, make plans, etc, are essential, but I’m especially
interested in knowing about the technical skills needed.

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Greb, Jennifer: Skills for Library 2.0 Leaders:engl: auf gmane.education.web4lib. (An electronic discussion for library-based World-Wide Web managers.)


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Der Direktor einer Library 2.0

Nun, jede Bibliothek benötigt einen Direktor, so wohl auch die Bibliothek 2.0.
Tasha Saecker vom Blog Sites and Soundbytes:engl: entwirft die Vision eines Library Director 2.0:engl: .

Unverzichtbar sind dabei:

  • Less hierarchy more flexibility
  • Trust staff – no micromanagement
  • Transparency
  • Involve all levels of staff in conversation
  • Explain decisions fully and honestly
  • Create a structure that supports quick decision making and implementation
  • Train staff and encourage them to learn and share knowledge
  • Allow play time with technology
  • Offer structures for feedback; staff blogs, department forums, etc.

It all comes around to the same place – equality, openness, honesty, trust and communication. That is what I think Library Director 2.0 is all about. We must do it with our staff before we can even think of doing it with our patrons. But once our staff is being treated this way, it will be so natural for them to approach patrons with a 2.0 spirit.

Dies sollte in vielen Punkten jedoch bereits auf “Bibliotheksdirektoren 1.0” zutreffen, oder?

Quelle: Saecker, Tasha: Library Director 2.0:engl: auf Sites and Soundbytes


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