Tutorial: Richtig Zitieren!

“Vielen von euch mag es wie eine Strafaufgabe vorkommen: welche Fußnoten muss ich wo und wie setzen? Ab wann „zitiere“ ich und ab wann sind Formulierungen meine eigenen Gedanken? Die richtigen Zitierregeln zu kennen, ist aber die Grundlage für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten! Campus Magazin zeigt sie euch.”

Friedericke Kühn

Bayerischer Rundfunk: http://br.de/s/2hT51TM
Autorin: Friedericke Kühn

Zitat unkommentiert

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 1788-1860

 “The art of not reading is a very important one. It consists in not taking an interest in whatever may be engaging the attention of the general public at any particular time. When some political or ecclesiastical pamphlet, or novel, or poem is making a great commotion, you should remember that he who writes for fools always finds a large public. A precondition for reading good books is not reading bad ones: for life is short.”  Arthur Schopenhauer


Zitat unkommentiert

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 1932-2016

“When I think of the library of Alexandria and of the fact that, although it burnt down, people continue to sort the letters of the alphabet according to that tradition, then that makes certain expressions of modernity, even of interventions on the textual level, possible.” Alexander Kluge

[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 2008

“Public libraries are our great teachers and storytellers, and are a vital adjunct to our schools. In this day of standardized and homogenized education, a library offers individual and personalized learning opportunities second to none.” Julie Andrews

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