Warum ich meine Bibliothek brauche

When planning this video, my initial plan was to play up the “learning” aspect of the library, as a source of books, magazines, and internet. However, as I sat in the designated teen section, it occurred to me that yes, our library serves that purpose — but so does every other library in the united states. What sets Santa Clara’s library apart is its open environment, from the public displays of art to the sprawling park behind it. In the Teen Section, students sprawled on couches, huddled over computers relax after a long day of work, and its proximity to several high schools makes it a hub of activity after school. Then it dawned on me that what truly makes this library special to us is the freedom it affords. In this video, the main figure escapes the confines of his house, with stacks of homework, social networking, and goes to the library. The falling comets symbolize the pressure and the stress which high schoolers so often fall prey to today. Yet when he gets to the library, it seems as if by magic, all the worlds troubles just fade away, and he is free to read a book, hang with friends….
We hope you enjoy our video — we certainly had fun making it!


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