Ukraine war: damaged libraries (updatet: 05/19/2022)

Damages to libraries can be reported here: Бібліотеки, які постраждали внаслідок російсько-української війни

To record a war crimes:

Used Sources

Attack on 05/08/2022

Library of the trade union of the “Ilyich” in the old building of the joint-stock company “Nikopol”, built in the late XIX century (not registered). There in are also the House of Culture named after Karl Marx and the Museum of History.

Attack on 05/07/2022

Branch library № 18 of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi, Mykolayiv city, damaged modern building

Information about:

Attack on 04/25/2022

Branch library named after Lesya Ukrainka and City Technological Lyceum, damaged old building of the former school № 41, built in 1936 (not registered)

Attack on 04/22/2022

Central City Public Library named after V.G. Korolenko, damaged old building of the former Mariupol State Bank (not registered) (UNESCO: Central City Library V.G.Korolenko in Mariupol – (Donetsk region))

Attack on 03/31/2022

Central City Library, damaged the facades and windows of the modern building (UNESCO: Central City Library in Irpin – (Kyiv region))

Informations about

Archive-Library of the Vyacheslav Chornovil Foundation, modern building almost completely destroyed

Informations about

Village branch library of Chorenka village, damaged buildung of the early XXth century

Attack on 03/30/2022

Chernihiv Regional Universal Scientific Library named after V.G. Korolenko, damaged: building of the former noble and peasant bank of 1910-13 (protected № 59-Cr) (UNESCO: Chernihiv Regional Universal Scientific Library. V.G. Korolenko (built in 1910-13)

Informations about

Library in the Cultural House of Lukashi village, damaged modern building

Library in the Club Building of Rudnytske village, incl. museum premises, modern building is damaged and the cultural institutions are looted

Village Library of Bogdanivka village, damaged doors and windows of the modern building

Ivanovo Village Library in the old building of the Ivanovo House of Culture, built in 1956 (not registered), damaged building, state of the library collection is unknown (UNESCO: House of Culture – Ivanivka (Chernihiv region))

Attack on 03/27/2022

Village library of the Peremoga village, damaged modern building an interiors

Attack on 03/25/2022

Village library of Lukyanivka village, modern building, damaged doors

Attack on 03/22/2022

Makariv Public Library, Children’s Department, damaged old building of the early XXth century (UNESCO: Makarivska Public Library (building of the early twentieth century) – (Kyiv region) (Updated: 26.04.2022))

Informations about

Attack on 03/19/2022

Professional Library of the Trostyanets Forest Research Station (modern building), modern building of the Trostyanets Forest Research Station, which housed the Forest Museum and the Professional Library

Attack on 03/13/2022

Central Library named after V.V. Mayakovsky, damaged building (CHYTOMO, Shulikiv Village Library, Luhansk Region )

Severodonetsk City Public Library (modern building), damage unknown

Informations about

Shulikivska Village Library (modern building), damage unknown

Starobilsk Children’s and Youth Library (modern building), damage unknown (CHYTOMO, Starobilsk Children’s and Youth Library, Luhansk Region)

Informations about

Attack on 03/11/2022

Regional children’s library, destroyed building of the former Museum of Ukrainian Antiquities V.V. Tarnowskiy, end of the XIX century (security № 12-Chg) (UNESCO: Building of regional children’s library (former Vasyl Tarnovsky Museum of Ukrainian Antiquities) – (Chernihiv region))

Informations about

Attack on 03/04/2022

Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Oleg Olzhych, damaged building

Informations about

Attack on 03/02/2022

Kharkiv State Scientific Library by V.G. Korolenko, 1899-1901 (security №№ 91, 7154-Ha) (UNESCO: Kharkiv State Scientific Library (Korolenko State Scientific Library) – (Kharkiv)) ( (CHYTOMO: VG Korolenko Kharkiv State Scientific Library)

Informations about:

Central Scientific Library of Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin, damaged building, built in the late XIXth – early XXth century (security №№ 200002-H, 428). (CHYTOMO: Central Scientific Library of VN Karazin Kharkiv National University)

Informations about:

Local History Museum of Borodyanka region and Borodyanka Central Library, damaged modern building

Informations about:

Attack on 02/28/2022

Chernihiv Central City Library named after M. Kotsyubynsky, damaged building (UNESCO: Central City Library M. Kotsiubynsky – (Chernihiv)) (CHYTOMO: MM Kotsiubynsky Chernihiv Central City Library)

Information about

Chernihiv City Library for Children named after O.P. Dovzhenko, as well as partially destroyed the exposition of the museum of the Olexander Dovzhenko located in it. (CHYTOMO: OP Dovzhenko Chernihiv City Library for Children)

Informations about

Attack on 02/25/2022

Village library of Soldatske village – a branch of the Trostyanets Public Library, damaged modern building

Informations about:

References to other libraries – so far without dating

…, clear assignment to the libraries listed above or listed in the official sources at the top of the list.

Chernihiv Regional Library for Youth, Chernihiv

Informations about:

Sievierodonetsk City Public Library, Luhansk

Library in Obukhovychi of Ivankiv community (Ivankivska TG)

Informations about:

Library stock of Ternivka Branch Library No. 16 for adults, city of Nikolaev, almost 20,000 publications burned, interim storage

Informations about

Scientific and pedagogical library in Nikolaev, explosion destroyed doors, windows and some walls

Informations about

Museum of local history in Mariupol with its library, loss of 17.000 books

Informations about

University Library of Sumy University, Shelling on 03/12/2022, The university library suffered the most.

Informations about

Central Library in Vuhledar in the Donetsk region, burned down

Informations about

Stanislavsky Public Library, village of Oleksandrivka, Kherson region, lost of 16.000 books

Informations about

Donetsk Regional Library for Children in Mariupol, burned down

Informations about

Library in the Lysychansk Gymnasium (now the Lysychansk Lyceum №17), building of the late 19th century, probably the loss of all library holdings

Informations about

Library of the Izium Lyceum №1, burned down, loss of 20.000 copies

Informations about

Chernihiv city centralized library system, Chernihiv City Library, damaged library

Branch Library № 35 for children of the Shevchenkivsky District Central Library of Kharkiv,

Informations about

Two-Story Public Library in Polohy, building ist damaged (no further informations)

Informations about


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