[Zitat] Unkommentiert – 1852

I have sometimes imagined a library, i.e. a collection of the works of true poets, philosophers, naturalists, etc., deposited not in a brick or marble edifice in a crowded and dusty city, guarded by cold-blooded and methodical officials and preyed on by bookworms, in which you own no share, and are not likely to, but rather far away in the depths of a primitive forest, like the ruins of Central America, where you can trace a series of crumbling alcoves, the older books protecting the most modern from the elements, partially buried by the luxuriance of nature, which the heroic student could reach only after adventures in the wilderness amid wild beasts and wild men. That, to my imagination, seems a fitter place for these interesting relics, which owe no small part of their interest to their antiquity, and whose occasion is nature, than the well-preserved edifice, with its well-preserved officials on the side of a city’s square. More terrible than lions and tigers these Cerberuses. Henry David Thoreau

Ørestad Library

Ørestad Library from Kollision on Vimeo.

Municipality of Copenhagen (bibliotek.kk.dk)

For more information see: kollision.dk/en/oerestad_library

Die Generation Z in der Bibliothek

Paul Stonebridge & Sean McGarvey sind die Initiatoren der LAMECon und Rockus Maximus Battle of the Bands, zwei ungewöhnlichen Bibliotheksveranstaltungen. Ihr Vortrag “Lazy and Entitled? Generation Z at the Library”setzt sich zum Ziel die Möglichkeiten des jugendlichen Engagement in der Bibliothek näher zu beleuchten. Paul Stonebridge ist ein Teen Services Manager für die Pasco County Bibliotheken. Sean McGarvey unterstützt das bislang einzige US-weite bibliotheksbasierte FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team, the Edgar Allan Ohms.